Wife Asshole Fucked By Nepali Waiter

Hello to all the readers of ISS .I’m regular reader of ISS, After reading swapping stories I also get a plan to swap my wife but after lots of search I did not a proper couple so I plan to allow my wife to make a boyfriend but she refuse, but after lots of request she agree but not for long time only one night stand but how wife did not get faith to my close friends so she say that she will do but not here in our place out of city and away from our house I agree I waited for a week and one night I ask her that what kind of men she likes.

she says that she likes a clean shave boy age from 18- 21 I say ok I start searching then suddenly I remember a trip when I was just still young, we go to Nepal during my vacation there is a hotel at peace full place and there is lots of nepali boys. I plan and say her that we should go to Nepal she agrees. Now I say about my wife pooja she 27

We married when she is 19 we have a son who is now leaving with his grand parents and Raipur my wife is figure and height is same like boll wood actress Tabu ,but she is fair then her. Now we moved towards Nepal when we reach it is 9 at morning a boy comes and take the lodge and say as to follow we moved towards room in the lift I get a eye contact with my wife and say about the waiter she give a smile because the boy is 18 no bread on the face fair color and fully

Nepali I understand that pooja like him when we entered the room I say pooja to give him 10 rupee and move towards the toilet we already plan that when I am not in the room she should free with him then pooja give him 100 rupee he is happy pooja say put the change in the pocket and did not say about this to my hubby he smile and gone .

Next day as we plan to start the things pooja call the boy he comes I’m in the bathroom now Pooja ask him some personal question he answer Pooja ,now Pooja say him to help in putting the lodge on the bed he puts, Pooja open the bag and according to the plan her bra and panty is there pooja take out bra and panty and say him to put this in the cupboard he hesitate but it’s a order so he touch and put towards cupboard then he gone after few hours pooja again call the waiter say order Pooja when the waiter enter u open the blouse and show ur nude boobs to him she agreed then she ordered something open the door wear only blouse no bra inside after few minutes waiter knock the door pooja say come in when he entered pooja is standing nude from upper parts her boobs r tight and big waiter watch the seen and stand as he saw 1st time this type of huge boobs now my wife hide the boobs with her hand but she is really huge boobs they did not covered up then pooja say him to trun the face she wear blouse she say move they look each other and smile now he left the room its time for last

Seen in the night I ordered Pooja to wear a tight pajama so that your ass come out she wear I order something waiter enterd the room pooja say him to serve and she bend in doggy stlye as she is searching something waiter look towards her tight ass and he is looking like that he is fucking her ass hole now Pooja stand up waiter say madam may I help you she say my earing is fall you search he come from behing and the touch the ass of Pooja and move he get then he says

Madam this Pooja say yes pooja say her to please help her and u put earing in my ear he come from behind and touch her ass with his tight cock I am looking from toilet hole pooja ass is big and shapely I saw his cock is in the cave of loin pooja also push her ass behind now pooja nows as his hard cock rubbing slowly pooja put her hand in his cock and touches he say madam give me few hours my duty end soon I will be at 11 but what sir pooja says he start drink alcohol and

He sleeps do not warry he agree and gone as the time progess at 11:15 we saw the watch he did not come now pooja wear her odnairy dress and say she is sleeping the boy has no interest I say we sleep I start doing my job pressing her boobs suddenly after few min. some one knock the door we understand that he is the waiter pooja open the door he come inside silently he ask about me pooja says he sleeps when he open the mouth he is fully drunk local wine now both standing

He did not waste the time and start removing clothes soon both r nude I am watching the seen my wife is taller then him he caught my wife tightly and start kissing her hard as he is doing 1st time after kissing the body my wife look at me and say that he is really smell bad I say cont. pooja caught his cock he say to move towards bed when he push pooja on the bed I smell really bed smell pooja is now on the bed he jump on her pooja say her to wake she stand up and put

Some deo on his body now he is on full form pooja and says her to sleep on the floor he follow now start started kissing wildly with his one hand pressing her breasts. Pooja started moaning heavily and was enjoying the act. Pooja held his penis and started caressing it waiter started kissing her boobs.he was now licking her boobs and nipples all around. Now Ihe started sucking one of her nipples passionately.

She was moaning sexily ufff…aaaahh he sucked her other nipple also in the same way and pooja encouraged him by her moan and hissings he sucked both of her hard nipples one by one for quite some time. Then she said offff please aab nahi rahta le lo na mujhe puri tarah. He spread her legs and started licking her pussy which totally drove her crazy and started moaning heavily. Now she was ready to be fucked and said….oooffff….aaabbbb der maat karo

Please aaabbb bed karo na Pooja ne apna thighs separate kaar liya. Waiter ab pooja ke nipples ko phir se choosne laga one by one. Woh sexy voice mei uufff ahhh kar rahi thi. Pooja baar baar keh rahi thi, ufff aabbb der maat karo please aab wait nahi hota fuck me now hard please jaldi karo na dear main tumhare penis ke liye tadap rahi hun”

Waiter apna penis pooja ki hot wet chut mein ghusane laga two three pushes mein waiter ka pura ka pura penis pooja ke chut mein ghus gaya.. Now he started fucking her gently dheere dheere karne laga. Waiter pooja ko aab dheere dheere chod raha tha aur Watier iss tarah dheere dheere chodai karte samay beech beech mein pooja ke lips aur choochiyon aur nipples ko choos leta tha.

Woh uuuff uuufff. karne lagi aab. Kuchh der taak yun chodne ke baad waiter ne thoda speed badhaya. Pooja ne apna thighs upar utha liya aur waiter ki kamar ke taraf fold kaar liya. Then he started fucking her fast thoda aur fast. Pooja was moaning sexily” uuufffff ahh aur aur chodo aur chodo pooja bol rahi ti ooohh mere nukar aur chodo .issi tarah aaaahhhaa ddear aur faast chodo na aur fast aah aur fast meri chodai aur fast karo aahhh waiter aab pooja ko full speed mein chodne laga.

Pooja aab puri masti mein thi aahhhhh baas yun hi chodo haaannn yun hi chodo mujhe uuuffff aaaah aur ahhhhh aur hh aur chodio…iissitarah chdai karo meri oofffhahhh. Now he was ready to ejaculate aur waiter ka pura ka pura hot sperm pooja ke hot wet pussy mein ejaculate kaar diya after 10 min. both r down they r lying nude on each other body after few min pooja stand up and move nude towards bed to wear her bra panty when she is walking waiter and

I saw that her ass is really hard and fuckable I saw a drops of cum is falling between her legs waiter also watching I saw his cock is again stand up now pooja bend and start picking her bra panty from the floor when she bends her ass holes is clearly watchable(oh my god her ass is like a loin cave) waiter stand up and caught pooja from the behind and spilt on her ass hole pooja say what r u doing he push pooja and say her to bend when she bend the waiter again spilt on her ass

Hole 2-3 times pooja warn him to do not fuck her ass hole but the drunk waiter did not listen her he put the mouth of his cock on her ass hole now he jerk and put the mouth insisde her ass she shout ohhh nahiiiii mar gaiiiiii now he start pushing slowly slowly pooja gets huge plain (when I am fucking her in her ass hole she shout and request him to leave her) but the drunk waiter did not listen and push hard on her ass hole she shout but he ignore and start fucking hard my god

After 2-3 shot pooja start crying I watch her face the tears r coming speedily she put her head up and look towards me I had a eye contact with her she requesting me to save her but I am enjoying this moment waiter did not stop and fuck ass hole continually now its 15 min.later my wife is really facing big problem her hands r on the bed she tightly catch the bed sheet now she request me now its really long time so

I act that I am waking up after seeing my moment waiter judge that I am now wake so soon he left pooja when he left pooja she suddenly fall down on the floor my god I think she lost her heart beat I also turn my face when I turn my face and do not wake waiter hold Pooja but she is now sleep he put again his hand on Pooja body waiter put his tongue on her ass he saw that her as hole is bleeding he said madam your ass is bleeding she did not replay he turn Pooja face and start kissing hard on her vagina after few min.

Pooja get control when she open her eye she find waiter is still kissing her pussy pooja push hard and give 2-3 slaps on his face he is full drunk he also stand up and start biting Pooja my face is on other side, pooja wants to shout but he put his hand on her mouth waiter is doing something different he put her panty from ground and put in Pooja mouth he put panty on her mouth and tightly caught her hand again he start fucking her ass

Hole this time pooja did not get more pain after few big hits he cum on her ass hole she left pooja now pooja did not move for any thing he take the panty from mouth wear his cloth and run out. Inthe morning its 9 my wife is nude and in deep sleep in the light when I saw her body lots of kissing spot is there I found her face that is also red she wake after few min. did not look toward me collect all the clothes and gone to bathroom I found there lots of spot in her body her boobs is red she trun oh my god her ass really red

And some drop of blood is also there after luch she is very hungry she did not talk to me now I call the room service at night where pooja noticing me but did not look towards me and sleep when the door bell ring I open the gate there is another guy I say where is that boy he says he not come today and there is no information for that Pooja also listing this next morning Pooja wake up early and call room service the boy is not come today also she ask I am listing pooja come near to me and start taking my cock in her mouth and say me I really impress that waiter fucks me and she also thks me to provide this wonder full experience if you like this ex. Please share with me forubody@yahoo.in


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