Sexy lady of Kathmandu (Nepal)

Hi to all.I love nepali sex story. Mannu from Gorakhpur .You all had read my stories and I got lot of mails from readers. Out of those few were willing to go for a wild & hard sex, but they don’t have confidence on themselves to move ahead with there feelings or even get wild on net. This is a story that took place just few months back, when I was traveling by Air from Gorakhpur to Kathmandu (Nepal). A beautiful lady about 35 years sat next to me and I felt so lucky to have this woman next to me. We had a good discussion of professional, personal, hobbies etc. During our journey, we became friends.

The lady I traveled was from Kathmandu and her name was Sonia. She has a soft corner for the poor. She said she love to do social work. So before leaving the Airport she asked me where I would stay in Kathmandu. I said in any hotel this was a new city for me. She told me that she is alone in her house these days because her husband and son had gone to Germany for a vacation trip and due to non availability of time she could not joined them.

The flat is vacant so if, I wish I can stay at her flat. She was so pretty that finally I accepted her invitation. We hired a taxi and went to her flat. It was a beautiful rich building. We reached in the flat no one was there and we entered in flat and after that she bolted the door. It was a rich house, well maintained, luxury furniture, as there was no one there her maidservant too was absent and went to her house. She asked me do I like some thing. As we were tired of journey I said her that first I want a long shower. She smiled and said ok I too deeply need a cool shower.

She showed me a room in which toilet was attached and asked me to get fresh for dinner. She left for shower in her room. After an hour we both ready for dinner. She was wearing a black sari in a very soft material and low cut blouse, tied the sari three inches below her navel. As she has white skin, she looks so beautiful and seducing. I don’t know what perfume she had used, but it is so seducing. We went for dinner in a near by restaurant. We returned back after one hour to her house it was almost 11 in night. She then offered me some drink. I choose red wine. We both cheered and having drink after drink while discussing my projects sitting next to each other on the sofa.

I think it was by 12.00 nights we had about 4 rounds of drinks and we are getting into different mood with the drinks. The time was going in fun, frank, openness brought us more closely friendship at 12 she said would, you like to see my house. I said yes and then we were walking around in the ground floor. Very close to each other, I can feel her smell and body touches when we are walking then we were going into the first floor of the duplex house. As we were walking on the stairs, she slipped a bit and was about to fall, so I catch hold of her holding at waist and shoulders. It’s been electrifying touch to both of us to feel each other. Her head was laying on my chest in great comfort she said thanks in a very sexy smile and looks.

As we did not want to leave each other, she hold me at my waist with her right hand and bending her head on my shoulder. We both started to walk up holding each other by this time. I was now getting some feelings and I felt the same with her also. So now I was not confused and was not sure, what and how to start.

While walking in the corridor we were still holding hands and that was feeling so good. Then she said that this is her bedroom, a royal bed, fully carpeted floor, dim lights, sober colors, AC, long mirrors, perfumed etc. As we entered in to the bedroom she turned to me and kissed on my lips saying thanks for the hold on the stairs while hugging me softly. We kissed each other softly, both of us holding each other at the waists and gentle massage taking on the waist skins, I kissed on her fore head, while she kissed me on my neck. We are still standing and hugging gentle and soft caressing the bodies and smelling the necks of each other.

I look deep into her eyes, she looked at me like with an expression of pleasing and in a begging manner, then I thought I should give her the best so while hugging soft and massaging her butts with two hands and pulling her to my waist started to kiss her soft on her eyes, fore head gently bite on her sexy nose, I see her lips shiver from my acts.

I gently placed my lips on her lips with my wet tongue, while doing this we both are pressing each other bodies and moving our waist jointly with gentle frictions. I put my pointing finger on her face and drawing line across her face shape. I then slowly grabbed her upper lip and gave a soft suck and then we licked each other for about five minutes drinking each other like thirsty for hours. Now I can already felt my lips bit swollen from her lusty sucks. I can feel her bulging boobs on my chest, she was enjoying my chest and shoulders, she pulled out my T-shirt in seconds, I was pressing my chest on her boobs, while kissing each other. I think she is already feeling the press of my hard raised rod over through the sari. I am slowly kissing her face. And then bite her ear tips.

She said. Yayyaahhha mannu, that raised me more. We are both now doing what ever we want to do each other, it’s like we are lovers for ages.

I then started to kiss on her left shoulder while she was kissing on my right. I slowly slipped her sari pallu from her shoulder while pulling the pin on her shoulder with my teeth. GOOOODDDDDDD.. I could clearly see her bulging out breast from the blouse, so sexy AAHHHHH, I started to kiss and lick her boobs over her blouse my two hand now drawing lines over her half exposing breasts and pressing the nipples over her blouse at the same time, she was saying honey,,, you are so good. Muummmmmaaaa, my two hands were unhooking her blouse ,while she was pushing my pants down as hooks were out , her two lovely boobs were completely exposed as she was not wearing the bra. I was so exciting to see this scene a dream to me.

Then I put my wet lips on her left nipple and sucking slowly and strong while other hand massaging the right one. This way I continued for three minutes while she was pressing my head on her breast and making sounds like so good oooohhh mmannnu please do more suck bite haahhahahh squeeze me please drink me hhhhhaoooo ammmmaaa.

I was then slowly going down on her while she was still standing my wet tongue was licking her from between the boobs to navel I was standing on my knees in front of her. Now her navel is just in front my eyes so sexy navel small but deep her white skin over her abdomen was shining in the dim lights. I am massaging her waist on two sides with my naughty fingers and put my head on her abdomen and licked her navel bit by bit, my wet tongue was making circles around her navel she was electrified with those circle and said wammooooo hhahaaaaaaaaa, my head moved to her left side waist and gave a gentle bit on the sexy curve on her waist. She cried hoomamamamamam.

Holding my head and while she enjoy my circles, kisses, licks on her abdomen. I can already start to smell her sexy pussy lips between the legs. While holding her butts and massaging them. I put my naughty and skilled teeth on the sari folds and pulling it inch by inch until the sari dropped around her foot. She was in a soft and silky pink petticoat. I was excited to see this scene. I then holding her butts and pinching them gently I bite her pubic over her soft petticoat, she cried honey.. Hey you. So good and then she was pushing my head bit down massaging my face; she was looking down to me. I looked up she singled in a begging way for more action down. I was encouraged with her seducing looks and appeal. I made up my mind that my mission for tonight is to give her the heaven.

I slowly hold the petticoat sting into my teeth and pulled it out and in a second the inner petticoat was around her legs over her sari. She has no panties. Now she is naked in front of me. I turned up and said, honey you are so beautiful and I am sure God must have taken extra care and time in creating you. I pressed my head on her pubic and then gentle bite over her pubic hairs. I was so excited, my right pointing finger is making circles around her pussy, while I am kissing her thighs. She was shivering I could clearly notice it. I want to have better position for the licks so I asked her to sit on the edge of the bed and lay back putting her foot on the floor then I went in between her legs still sitting on my knees.

I kissed on her pussy lips, she shivered and stretched her legs wide she put her left thigh on my shoulder giving a clear picture of her pussy, it was like a real rose with pink petals and very flowery with good smell so kissed again her petals (pussy lips) and licked a bite just giving gentle touches.
I can see the vibration in her spine for this touches and she started to move her waist for the excitement.

I asked her to stretch more and lift her legs on shoulders. I then started to insert my long tongue into her pussy, first just an half finger in her and licking like a thirsty dog all over her pussy lips yummy aaaaaahhh, I can already feel the sounds in her pussy as it is so juicy and hot. I am penetrating my tongue inch by inch and I finally I managed to put my four inch in her. Drinking all the juices, I was sucking, licking and massaging her pussy. She was shouting honey. Do it more. I am dying for you do it Please I beg you are giving me heaven ayhhhhaahooooammmma.

She put her two hands on my head and pressing me hard to send my tongue deep. I can feel my nose getting into her pussy lips, while trying to deepen my tongue in and out like a dick. I felt the pain in my tongue, so I started to suck the pussy lips and bite it gentle now and then.. I again put my two hands under her two butts and started fuck her with my tongue, I saw a mini bar in her bedroom, so I ran to bring some wine and put it in her pussy and started to lick. After playing for 20 minutes with her pussy, she said she is coming aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, I said to wait.

But she said she won’t , then I was pushing my tongue deep in and out in out in out..holding her two boobs and playing them, my tongue was fucking like a mad dog, she was moving her waist up and down to match my rhythm,, I can feel more juices coming out she was shouting OOOOHHHHH you fucking ,, you are making me mad, come on bite me more ,,eat me drink,, she was hitting with her ankles on my shoulders while I was licking her she was pulling and pressing my head deep into her,, I was getting suffocated but trying my best to give her best orgasm ,she was really going mad shouting twisting her body lifting the butts.

Finally with a long shivering in spine she came. She said she can not believe this can happen to her in real life. She was so excited. She hugged and kissed me in gratitude.

We had one more drink in our nakedness. Sitting next each other on the bed then slowly she started to hold my strong cock and massage it. Then again we both stand next to the bed. I slowly brought her to the long mirrors in the room hugging her from her back holding her two sexy boobs massaging them softly.. I was kissing on her shoulders. While my big cock pressed her on her round butts I press her two nipples deep into her breast with my two pointing finger. She was saying muuuummm ammmmaa. And rotating her butts over my cock. I hold her two boobs in two hands and showing her in the mirror and whispered honey.

You are so sexy .you are a sex Goddess in response she pushed her butts back on my cock and hold my head with her two hands lifting them back massaging my face and turned her head to left so that we could kiss each other, while doing this we some times see our naked bodies in the mirror, they are so sexy. We feel like made for each other perfect bodies, we watched our bodies in mirrors for a while. As I have strong shoulders and chest, its matching good to her sexy body, my hands slowly moving from her boobs towards down massaging on her abdomen making rounds at navel and then slowly pass the finger into her pussy, its so wet and hot again, she wants to get the back fuck so slowly arching her back.

She is giving her butts to me. I slowly brought the cock under her pussy and rubbing it genteelly, she wants it soon, I asked her to hold the wall and bend more.. Then holding her waist.. I started to push in it was slipping as it was bit tight slowly I managed to deepen a inch she said hooooooohhahahhhhhh God, I was feeling so hot. Just my cock head was in her.. I gave her another push she said honey Hey ooooohhhhh and looking back to me I hold her waist and gave another push and finally the total 7.5 inch cock was in her. Then I slowly stated to pull it out to the edge and push it deep to her depths we can see each other in the mirror so sexy in this doggy position.

She was saying this is her dream as I was pushing deep I can see her firm boobs were vibrating she was looking in the mirror setting her hair expressing the deep pleasures. Yahhhhhh OHHHHHH put more deep strong fast she was pushing back and matching my rhythm it’s totally in out in out in out and can feel her pussy full of wetness. I then bent to her and hold the boobs and started to fuck like a real dog so deep and so strong squeezing her boobs, I was shooting with total strength. She was crying for the pleasure. Hhhhaa hoooo good kill me like this lets us die like this is heaven for me. I then removed my cock and turned her to me and pushed her on the bed she fell on the bed on her back stretching her legs wide and lifting into the air she welcomed me showing her two hands up.. I fell on her with my total weight; we hugged each other and rolled on the bed.

From left to right, right to left. Licking and sucking each other lips while we roll on the bed she hugged my waist with her two legs and without our attempt my dick went into her entrance and then I pushed in half gone hooommmam she was saying ammmmma ammma so nice. Its nice don’t leave me. Be my hero being my husband being my lover forever fuck me deep now she is commanding me. So I started to shoot the cock in and out deep and out to the depths and to the edges one shot deep in. One pull out to the lips she was enjoying my speed of two shots in three seconds then made one shot per second fast and strong holding her butts with my hand under.

She lifted her legs in air I was sucking her lips pressing her boobs with my chest. And shooting deep and deep I am banging with total weight of my butts and waist strength I rotate my cock now and then. She started to talk bed language honey u r my best fucker fuck me deep. Push deep, fuck me good, fuck me strong, and tear me off. She was scratching my back. I can feel her lust in those scratches her head was moving left and right for the shots. The bed was shaking and making noise for the moves she says no worry just fuck and fuck and were going in a fast rhythm of fucking each other started to sweat. Breathing fast and hard shivering in our bodies getting mum going crazy both of us want to come at the same time.

Both hugging strong and kissing madly. Holding my lips in hers she was shouting mmuuu fuck you sexy bastard fuck me fuck me fuck me. Hheeeheuuu hoooo hhhhaaaa aaaissssoooo mmamammmmama. I am drilling too hard too fast as she is licking rough handling with the great shots like two shots in three seconds speed. We both came together bodies completely wet licking each other bodies I felt on her totally so tired. It was almost 1.30-hour game non-stop.

I looked deep into her eyes and kissed on her eyes to say you are so sexy I kissed on her fore head and said you are beautiful. I bit her nose and said..You are naught I kissed her lips and said you are too sweet hugging her strong we laid in the bed for another 20 minutes and it repeated for 3 times in the night. When we woke up at 7.30 am we had one more round and had bath together and got fresh, she said she liked of me everything and she want me as much as possible. I am happy to meet this woman. She feels lucky to meet me. She loves my skills in lovemaking and says that if a woman tries me once would not leave me forever. As I am not a good writer I am not able to express the total but be sure it’s 10 times more than what I expressed here. I stayed in her flat for 6 days and those 6 days we lived like wife and husband.


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